Monday, December 30, 2013

More Acorn Stories

My wonderful customers love their acorns. The acorn has many meanings , and I love being able to share some of the special stories my customers tell me.  Here is the latest:

I plan to give an acorn pendant to my lifelong best friend....After losing touch for many years, we recently reconnected -- both turned 65 this year and both have major health issues (she goes in for heart surgery next week -- my heart surgery was a few years ago). We've seen each other through many things over the decades.

You'll love this part: our nickname for each other is "Acorn" because we used to love walking through the acorn-lined streets on our way home from Jr. High School...50 years ago.

A few weeks ago in search of a gift for her, I Googled "acorn charm" and there you were,
I was SO THRILLED to find your treasures!

The acorn holds many lovely metaphors, but I thought of a new one:
In times of sunlight and warmth, nature creates acorns to be buried by creatures for precious winter food, or buried by nature for the germination of new life...

Now that it's winter for my friend and I, the acorn takes on new meaning. A true friendship kept buried for a season is brought back to life for nurturing new chapters of friendship during seasons' change.

Thank you , P, for sharing your story.  The New Year is a great time to cherish and renew our friendships!

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