Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Spring is just around the corner. We've been teased with a few 70 degree days.  It;s time for renewal and assessing directions.  I've been engaged by a book. I can't really say I'm reading it, because it's not the kind of book you sit down and read from cover to cover. "How to be an Explorer of the World" by Keri Smith is c collection of ideas and exercises to give your creativity a kick in the pants.
I often wonder why I have so many things. They is a tray at my workbench of beads and metal parts. And I have other things which may not be significant, like sea pebbles or acorns. But this is all food for the creative process. Keri writes: " The Indo European root of the word 'art' is 'to arrange' or 'fit together' (join).  In this light, art can be pared down to its most simplistic form. We begin by collecting, the playing with the materials or objects."

I've been fascinated by the lamp work beads by artist Ellen Dooley.  I really enjoy pairing her beads with other materials, gemstones and pearls and of course sterling silver.  This blue beads in this necklace were my first purchase , and it took me months before the right combination struck my eye.  These earrings have just a hint of spring.   The colors really pop when you take a close look. You know where to find me, exploring the world!  And I'm asking, what inspires you?