Monday, April 27, 2009

Mother's Day Treasure hunt

The JET team on etsy is having a Mother's day treasure hunt from Thursday April 30 through Sunday May 3.
There will be FREE jewelry to be won! And sales galore!~
Here are just a few samples from the great shops that will be participating. 
Above is  the Midnight Whisper necklace, from Beads Me, just super jewelry creations from the other side of the world- Australia ! You'll find a great variety of creative designs at this shop, all at excellent prices.

Wordplay pendant necklace, from Marcie Jane Designs.  A newcomer to the Jet team, with many vibrant ideas and beautiful creations.
And talk about some great prices!  These adventurine earrings with sterling silverfrom Jewelry Creations by Kendraare offered at a terrific price. Please visit her shop to see for yourself!  I know they are beautifully crafted and you will get wonderful service as well.
I'll try to give you some more sneak peeks at the Mother's Day hunt... stay tuned for fun shopping.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New creations

I've been busy. There is nothing I would rather do than make jewelry. Sterling silver and I have a good relationship. It doesn't talk back, and we can both be a bit stubborn!
I've been making rings. Each one is different. Express your moods with your jewelry!
Visit my Etsy shop to see them all.