Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ceramic Arts

My oldest friend from college days at the School for American Craftsmen is Jeff Glockson, an incredibly talented ceramic artist. We utilize many mass produced ceramic objects in our everyday lives. Fine art ceramic objects have a totally different life. I'm putting Jeff and his art in the spotlight, because the process of creation is very complex.
The ceramic artist must possess many skills. The scientist must experiment with the clay compositions, to find the right formula that will not only hold the form properly when wet and pliable, but it must also dry and endure firing in the kiln without cracking. Every artist has his own favorite formulas. Addionally, he must also develop glaze formulas that will work with the clay, fire properly with the correct colors. As much as one must work scientifically, there is still the element of the unknown . The clay might not dry properly, the kiln might not heat evenly, many factors cannot be precisely controlled, as much as one might try.
Jeff loves nature. He has magnificent gardens. It's quite logical that he would focus on making sculptures and objects to enhance a garden. Here is a preview of some of his new work.
For more information, please visit his website, JB Designs Gallery.

Birdhouse and sculpture designs copyright 2009 by Jeff Glockson

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Just plain fun shopping

There are several shops that will be selling Saturday July 11 at the OM Baby show who are just plain fun. They have wonderful creative , handmade products for many aspects of your life.

If you like decorations, be sure to check the creations from Pinkbuttercreme. Tami enjoys creating in a various media and you will find many charming items at her booth.
Be sure to visit the booth of one of our organizers, Beachchik. Kim has created not only really adorable clothing for little ones, but wonderful accents for your home.
While I'm mentioning organizers, Yin will have an assortment of her delicious popcorn and teas as well as some of her other fun creations. You can visit her shops for a preview whatseatingyin and yinvivo weddings and photography. My friend loved the curried popcorn!

Looking forward to meeting many of you and shopping on Saturday!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Plenty of Images at OM Baby

If you love photographic art, you will have plenty of items to please your eye at the OM Baby craft show on July 11th in Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey. Of course each artist has a unique style and point of view, so there is a of variety of images from which to choose
BriefMoments has wonderful images ready for framing and as affordable, beautiful jewelry. You will find music, vintage and inspirational themes. Of course, there are some nature photographs as well. Since the show is at the Jersey Shore, I'm sharing this from the shop of Maribeth Corona-Evans.

Heart of Nature features beautiful color images by Kitty Wilkin. She has prints ready for framing as well as numerous cards available. Here's just one sample of her unique vision.

See you there!