Friday, April 15, 2011

How to spend your tax refund, part 1

Maybe you received your refund, maybe you are waiting. But why not spend it on things that will help you save money all year?
If you are getting a big refund, go buy a Prius. I did several years ago. This is my second one. They are fun to drive and hey, let's face it, we will not be seeing $2 gasoline probably ever again.  Have questions? spend some time on PriusChat and see what owners all over the world have to say.

Not ready for a new car?

Ok, how about a travel mug? You can get a free coffee on April 22 at Starbucks with your travel mug. And you also get a discount everyday. Here's a great mug from Lennymud . And if you are having a bad day, it's inspiring too!

 Maybe your grocery store gives you a discount for bringing your own bags. Here's a versatile one I found  on Etsy from Seahorsedesigns. Hand crocheted from 100% cotton, it's washable and of course, very handy!

Of course, we always want to buy something for ourself with that refund, right? You know me, I'm a jewelry junkie, so I am always looking. I happen to love these earrings from peacesofindigo made with eco silver.  Many precious metals are reclaimed, so that there is little waste over the years. Silver happens to be very popular right now.

Be happy, go shopping!