Monday, September 06, 2010

Creative Horizons

I know a wonderful group of very creative jewelry artisans on Etsy, the JET team. We love helping each other grow our businesses. One of the discussions lately has been about expanding our creative horizons. To think "out side the box" of our usual style, and challenge ourselves to make something new and different. This idea was inspired by several of our members who are always expanding their skills by exploring new a different crafts .

One of these shops is EmotionalOasis.  You will find everything in this shop from beautiful beaded and wire work jewelry designs, to the fantastic fused glass game boards. Here is just one of them.

JemsbyJBandCompany decided to explore the word of fashion and created this very feminine necklace. It  features genuine rose quartz, crystals and pearls on a beautiful silver tone chain.

Peg of AbacusBeadCreations is a prolific artist who must eat, sleep and dream about beads.  Her shop is chock full of wonderful designs for women, and she is branching out to making unisex designs that are great for men as well as women.

Always the adventurer, Nicolle of SilverCanyons loves to try new skills. You will find only a few items in her shop, but a huge variety of designs and techniques, from beaded sterling silver, to enameling and casting.  I really love this textured sterling silver ring.

My challenge was to return to doing extreme fashion design. I love making jewelry that can be worn any day, any time. So to make a bold statement item was a bit of fun.  I found some beautiful vintage lamp crystals in a stunning shade of blue. And look what happened!
 There is so much to see it you search the tag "jetteam" when you visit Etsy.  From earrings to handbags and fused glass, you will be amazed at the wealth of designs you will find.  You can read more about the Jewelry Esty team here.