Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Give the gift of life!

It's the time of year when we focus so much on gifts, buying, giving, how much money we spend.  We tend to forget there are important gifts we can give that don't cost a penny.  Many of us donate money and volunteer our precious time to non-profits, helping others.
Mary, a wife of one of my co workers, Fred, has been in dialysis for many years.  Because she was over 50, they did not think she would ever receive a transplant. The call came last week, and she is recovering well. What a gift they received! I have another friend who is also waiting who may not be so lucky.  Another co-worker is battling leukemia with some success thanks to bone marrow donations. Most states make it easy to be an organ donor by a check off on your license renewal.  Or you can read more by clicking this text. It costs nothing and it can make a huge difference or save some one's life.  And of course, the simple thing that many of us can do time and time again is donate blood.
Remember, the best gifts can sometimes be free!