Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday

Thanks to American Express for raising awareness about how important small business is to our economy.  If you are near Hopewell, New Jersey, I'd like you to stop and visit my friends, Beth and Will.
Will opened the Brothers Moon in 2000, and it's been going strong ever since. Beautiful gourmet dining plus lunches.  Will is one of NJ's top chefs and features local farms as much as he can.  So when you dine there, your money is spread throughout the local community.
You can find them on Facebook too.

I actually met his wife Beth first in jewelry design class.  She has her studio around the corner.  I can't tell you enough about her jewelry.  She uses fascinating combinations of gemstones, enamel, sterling silver and gold.
Here is just one necklace I snapped last time I went for a visit.  The large focal piece is enamel with a garnet gemstone accent. A one of a kind statement!  You can visit her online but you will have much more fun if you go in person.  Don't forget to stay for dinner at the Brothers Moon!


trentongal said...

I should have said you will see more of Beth's amazing jewelry if you visit her online, go take a look!

MadeByTammy said...

Stunning Pendant!

Your Daily Jewels - Norah Downey said...

Two small businesses I would love to visit! Thanks for featuring them! I will look online for Beth and just have to dream of being in Hopewell!