Friday, August 07, 2009

500 Hearts

Any of your who are familiar with Etsy know about hearts. I was up to 496 hearts the other day and ran an announcement saying I'd give some earrings to my 500th heart.

the winner is Jean- a fellow jewelry maker. Here's what she has to say:

The way I started making jewelry is kind of funny. I bought a necklace at Walmart and I didn't really like it, so I took it apart and redid it, so I liked it better. Then, I wanted a matching bracelet and earrings and I did the same thing. Then I began to think that there had to be a cheaper and easier way to do this and my hobby/obsession was born.

Every summer, I sell at a very popular market and one of my friends there asked me if I'd ever heard of Etsy. "What's that?" I asked and she explained it to me. I began with just listing a few things and now I have three shops:,, and Each shop has it's own style and personality.

My current favorite materials are are flashy stones, like labradorite, moonstone, kyanite, and sunstone. I also love working with silver- hammering, oxidizing, texturing, buffing, twisting it, and just seeing what I can make it do.

This is my favorite item in your shop and a great photo too! The awesome specimen of Labradorite is perfectly accented by the hammered circle. jean you must have the magic touch because this pendant was just sold!


moonmystic said...

Thanks for the lovely feature and congrats on the big 500!

OV Gillies said...

Congrats on breaching 500 hearts! It feels great passing these markers - hope you reach 1000 soon!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Great feature and congratulations, Jean. Congratulations on getting your 500 hearts.

lieslmade said...

Congrats! I'm inching my way towards 500 too. :)