Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reclaim, Repurpose Creative!

Two of the shops participating in the OM Baby show specialize in reclaiming and repurposing items, creating unique one of a kind objects quite different from the original materials.

Kecia says of her shops:
Lemoncholy's Studio (keeshagirl4.etsy.com and lemoncholys.com) practices the 4 R's: recycle, reclaim, reinvent and then re imagined. i am a mixed media and jewelry artist and i like to take vintage castaway items and turn them into modern, exciting edgy pieces. All my jewelry pieces are one of a kind, never to be duplicated using such items as a vintage sterling silver teething ring to an old German porcelain doll. You'll see lots of texture and opposing elements such as rust and rhinestones. I feel my pieces all have a story to tell with their humble history.
Claire Baker has a wide variety of products in her shops. She is eco-friendly in her repurposed products- from cardboard wallets to plarn totes, as well are beautiful sewn market bags. You can see her creations at Copabanas on Etsy and at 1000 Markets

These are just two of the fabulous creaive shops that will be participating in the OM Baby show on July 11! Don't miss this great opprotunity to shop.


kecia said...

what a lovely blurb and thanks for matching me up with my eco friendly "friend", Claire!
my best,

Jeff9 said...

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