Friday, January 16, 2009

Economic recovery

Times are tough. I've got afew ideas to help you get through and help with the recovery at the same time!
BUY HANDMADE- I've talked about this before. When you buy from an artist you keep the money here as well as support a real person. There are great places to find handmade goods like ETSY.COM  and ARTFIRE.COM.
EAT LOCALLY- Similar to above.  While the chain restaurants hire your neighbors, your money gets shipped off to the corporate HQ which is where? Eat at your corner diners and pubs.  The money will stay in your community.
SHOP CONSIGNMENT SHOPS- Similar to the above.  Your money stays in your community, often going to help a good cause.  You'll also save a bundle buying gently used goods.
PARK YOUR CAR- Walk, bike, take public transportation. Sure gas prices have dropped, but you can be certain they will rise again.  Plus, you'll be helping save the planet.
BUY YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER- Local newspapers are all under assault from economic forces.  Do you need your local news? Probably! Think of the advertising you rely upon, news on local issues, and don't forget the comics!

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