Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday gifts

I did most of my shopping at two craft shows. The first, the Handmade Faire, was on a stormy day. The poor folks who were outside had a rough day. Many Etsy craft people were selling their wares.
The second was in Point Pleasant at OM Baby. We all had a great time, even though some of did not sell very much. But I'm happy. Most every one is getting handmade gifts that were made here in the USA.
Hopefully, you will look for local artists when you shop on line. There are all kinds of craft shows on every weekend, it's not too difficult to find one!


AbbieRoad said...

haha that picture of Noelle holding down the tent is so funny...and sad at the same time! The weather was so horrendous!

Glad to hear you're shopping all handmade this year, that's so satisfying, isn't it? I've got almost all my shopping finished....everyone buy my son is getting all Handmade goods! (Unless you want to count Thomas the Train stuff as handmade hahaha SOMEBODY makes it lol )

AbbieRoad said...

derr... everyone BUT my son is getting all handmade....

not everyone BUY haha