Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Handmade Faire

This Saturday, October 25th, there is a great New Jersey craft fair in Medford, the Handmade Faire.  Follow the link and you can check out the nearly 100 crafters that will be participating.
One of the crafters and a wonderful EtsyNJ member is Shutterkate. She make a fabulous array of knit and crochet products.  I think this tie is truly unique !

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webmavennj said...

I am looking forward to seeing all the items that will be available at the Handmade Faire. In April (the last HMF), people who came were sorry that they didn't bring more money because the items were so unique and so fairly priced. This time there's an ATM on the premises. (big smile)

I was trying to be good because I was a little short on cash but spent over $200. I probably got values worth over twice that much because everything was handmade and just perfect. I get compliments on all the items I purchased and AbbieRoad bought me for Mother's Day!